To be clear, converse to what people fear, deep tissue massaging and aggressive massaging are not at all on the same page. The former is used as a means to nurse injuries, while the latter makes matter worse. Considering the majority cases, it is justifiable to claim that deep tissue massage method is indeed a safe mechanism. But of course, there are certain restraints to this claim. This procedure, that involves steady but forceful targeting of the deeper muscle layers, ligaments and tissues, and has the most ideal results when implemented on people with critical muscle damage or complications, for fast recovery, but only whenRead More →

Being a Masseuse is not a job we immediately associate as a tiring one. But when we really think about, giving hour long massages on a daily basis, for perhaps 8 hours a day, has to be an extremely physical demanding job. So how do masseuses handle a day at their job without ending up tired? Let’s be honest. There are very few jobs where you finish your daily work as refreshed as when you started. Working is tiring, let it be mentally or physically, most jobs demand a lot of our energy. So let’s no fool ourselves, there are no magical techniques to notRead More →

Well it has come to our attention that there seems to be quite a lot of people around these days, who seem to think that it is very easy to become a masseuse and, once they have become fully trained, it is a very easy job to do. Well this is not the case and being a masseuse is a lot more demanding than a lot of people seem to realise. What we are going to do here is to bring to you the ins and outs of all things massage, as well as giving you the ins and outs of how you can becomeRead More →