How Tiring Is To Be a Masseur?

How Tiring Is To Be a Masseur?

Being a Masseuse is not a job we immediately associate as a tiring one. But when we really think about, giving hour long massages on a daily basis, for perhaps 8 hours a day, has to be an extremely physical demanding job. So how do masseuses handle a day at their job without ending up tired?

Let’s be honest. There are very few jobs where you finish your daily work as refreshed as when you started. Working is tiring, let it be mentally or physically, most jobs demand a lot of our energy. So let’s no fool ourselves, there are no magical techniques to not get tired. But there are ways to help it.

Masseuses are normally athletic themselves, and work out regularly, which means they are more prone to physical work. This also means the more the practice their job, the more likely are their bodies to get used to it’s demands. The same way that if we run 5 miles every day, it will become easier and easier, to a point where it is not even challenging anymore. But there are other little “secrets” in place.

Professional masseuses are very aware of how to use their body and exactly how much strength to put when massaging someone. They also know how to position their bodies to avoid any unnecessary damage to themselves, like keeping their backs, arms and hands straight at all times. Avoiding repetition, moving on from a position to the next and coming back to it later, is also extremely important.

Most of all, knowing your body and taking well-deserved breaks on a regular basis is the key to any physical demanding job, and of course, a masseuse, will be the first one to know that. So if you are thinking about doing some massage training because you think it is going to be easy, then think again.

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